Cre Woodard has a unique gift for integrating her client’s vision for what their surroundings could be, with the environment that is…

Professional horticulturist, artist and designer, Cre has more than 25 years of experience in creating beautiful and sustainable hardscapes and landscapes. Her attention to detail and long-standing commitment to customer service, along with her highly-skilled construction team, make her company one of the most sought-after garden design firms in Northern Michigan. “My team and I understand Michigan’s unique eco-system. It’s a natural environment like nowhere else. "We honor that in all of our project’s plant designs and hardscape construction”.

 Over the last quarter-century, Cre and her team have worked with a wide variety of clients, building a solid reputation for excellence and lasting client satisfaction. 

Cre involves her clients in every step of the planning process, assuring that they get what they want, and their environment, what it needs. “Often clients may not know exactly how to communicate what they want for their outdoor space, so planning begins with a conversation about how they currently experience their environment, and then we talk about how they would like to experience it.

"I’ve built the best construction and engineering team in the industry, we know how to take our clients vision and turn it into their reality, for years to come”.